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:: Fly Ash/Features and Advantages ::

There are four main features, which gives Gokul Tradex Pvt. Ltd’s Fly Ash its unique characteristics:


Fine Particle Size – a large proportion of our Fly Ash is predominantly less than 45µm. The fine Fly Ash particles displace water between the cement particles and act as hydration sites for the cement, thereby improving the concretes pore structure and stimulating early strength development.Spherical

Particle Shape – The spherical particles of Gokul Tradex Pvt. Ltd’s Fly Ash improves workability when blended with cement particles. This property improves compaction and greater densities are achieved. In addition the concrete is more cohesive and is less prone to segregation.

Low Carbon Content, expressed as LOI. In spite of major international codes allowing LOI (Loss on Ignition) contents upto 5%, Gokul Tradex Pvt. Ltd’s Fly Ash is processed with a minimum ‘ín-house’ limit of 2%. This tightening of the specification helps in delivering a more superior, more durable concrete.

Pozzolanic Reaction – Due to the products high pozzolanicity, Gokul Tradex Pvt. Ltd’s Fly Ash actively reacts with the free lime (non-durable calcium hydroxide) and converts it into calcium silicate hydrates (CSH) which is the strongest, most durable paste fraction in concrete.


With these unique features and characteristics, the use of Gokul Tradex Pvt. Ltd’s Fly Ash will have a number of performance benefits in concrete, both in the fresh and hardened state. These advantages can be summarized as follows:


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